Daily WOD – Aug 12, 2011


Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5


Max weighted push-up

Community Notes: Happy hour is on again tonight! 6:15(ish) at the Bistro on Bridge. Join us for the WOD, the wings, or both!

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  1. Whohoo!!! Yeah! Shoulder Press!

  2. I know right?!??! Why does Annie get all the love? LOL

  3. haha, you guys are great. Shoulder press is pretty underrated. Definitely one I need to work on … and it should be a beautiful afternoon to do some presses.

  4. look what i found: reachoutsidethebox.com

    its a WOD tracker. the interface when you first DL is a little confusing (add yourself as a guest), and by default you get palo alto’s gym content, but the tracker seems useful from the preview.

    have fun tonight! i’ll be at home resting up for the King and Queen competition tomorrow at KoP!! who’s coming to watch?

  5. Nik and I will be there Karen. Are you competing?

  6. yep! i love a good challenge. bonus points if it scares the bejesus outta me. like this.

  7. Today’s results (5RM Shoulder Press / Weighted push up)
    John 165 / 230
    Killa 75/ 30
    Joe 125 / 125
    Kevin 155 / 170
    Dan 115 / 100

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