A couple of the helpers on Rineer Family Farm!
A couple of the helpers on Rineer Family Farm.

It’s that time again!  ICA is doing a meat order from Rineer Family Farms.  This is a small family farm in the outskirts of Lancaster that routinely provides us with grassfed beef, pork and chicken.  There is usually a 2 to 4 week wait between ordering and pick up because for the most part, these animals are still walking around a field until we order.  To place your order, fill out this FORM.  Final day to order will be Monday Oct 24, 2016.

The cost is as follows:
$395 – Beef – ~50# assorted cuts, about half ground

$350 – Pork – ~60# assorted cuts, bacon, hams, ground, sausage etc.

$195 – Chicken – ~40# usually a couple whole chickens, some wings, thighs, breasts

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  1. I will take one order of beef.

  2. I would be interested in splitting a Pork order if anyone is interested….BACON.

  3. Beef and Chicken please

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