New to ICA: Crossover Symmetry!


Crossover Symmetry is a rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system, and it’s our newest addition to ICA! The program assists in the development of proper shoulder mechanics to reduce the risk of injury and improve performance in shoulder-intensive movements.



Poor shoulder mechanics can lead to shoulder pain and injury. We do a lot of mobility work to loosen the tight areas of the shoulder, but that’s only one piece of the solution.  We must also strengthen the muscles that hold and move the shoulders.  CrossFit athletes often have overdeveloped upper trapezious, levator scapulae, deltoids and rhomboids as a result of the “shrug” motion, but those are only a few of the 17 muscles that attach to the scapula.  By improving the function of the scapular stabilizers and rotator cuff, the shoulders are more balanced, mechanics are optimized, and the risk of injury is reduced.



Every single member can benefit from the system, but it will be most beneficial for athletes who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Poor posture (rounded shoulders)
  • Tight shoulders
  • General shoulder instability / weakness
  • Shoulder pain (significant pain or pain that worsens over time should be evaluated by a doctor)



The system can be used pre- or post-workout and only takes a few minutes. Pre-workout the system will activate the muscles in the shoulder system. Post-workout it will help with recovery, decreasing the amount of muscle soreness you’ll experience.  There is also a post-workout strength program that can be used up to 3x/week, if you’re trying to build overall shoulder strength. Each program has 7 movements, which you can complete in just a few minutes. 



The Crossover Symmetry training guide has detailed instructions for each of the three programs (pre-workout activation, post-workout recovery, and strength).  A few important notes:

  • Some movements require the bands to be attached at knee height; others require the bands to be attached at eye level.
  • All movements require the bands to be “crisscrossed”
  • There are 6 band tensions to accommodate athletes of different strengths. Each program will use a heavy (H) band and a light (L) band. Novice: (H) = Yellow 10lb; (L) = Green 3lb. Intermediate: (H) = Red 15lb; (L) = Purple 7lb. Elite: (H) = Blue 25lb; (L) = Yellow 10lb



The Crossover Symmetry system is located under the peg board.  There you’ll find the resistance cords, Training Guide, a quick reference Training Chart, and (soon to be added) an iPad that you can use to reference online video content. For more information, check out the Crossover Symmetry website at

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  1. Back Abs

    My back better look like that after a month of doing Crossover Symmetry

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