Daily WOD – Mar 20, 2018

ICA’s inaugural Sunday morning yoga!


EMOM for 18 minutes:

  • 10 x 10yd shuttle run
  • 20 kettlebell swings (70/53#)
  • 20 lemon squeezers


WOD Notes:  For this  workout, you’ll complete 6 rounds of the above, starting 1 movement at the top of each minute. In the beginning you should finish the work in 30-40 seconds. As you get tired, each set will take longer. If you get to a point where you can’t complete the prescribed work within the minute, scale reps to allow for at least a 10 second transition. Kettlebells swings are designed to be American (overhead) but can be modified to Russian as needed. The sub for lemon squeezers is 30 Russian twists (15R/15L).

Schedule Notes:  We’ve added a 5:15am class on Tuesdays, and tomorrow is the first one! Sign up in Wellness Living and come on out to show your support for this new class time!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday KtL!



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  1. 6:15

    Vince (35)
    Ig Rx
    DE Rx
    Caine (53)

  2. 5:15am

    Alex W. – 44KB
    Brandi K. – 35KB; Russian twist 15lb
    John W. – RX
    Chris M. – 🙂
    Danielle S. – 44KB rd. 3-4 / 35KB rd. 5-6
    Daria K. – 🙂
    Elissa – 35KB
    Jenn T. – RX , 10 KB per rd.
    Kelly G. – 20KB
    Murray – RX ; last 2 rounds broken

    Congrats Kelly G. on first workout & Brandi K. Stopping in

  3. Hey all, Don’t forget that this Thursday’s Open Announcement Viewing will be at Root Down Brewing at 1N. Main Street 7PM suggested arrival.

    But seriously, we are about to be snowed in for another day, you’ll need to get out. Plan on it.
    BRING CASH as it’s the start of the 31 Heroes Fundraising season.

    Some more details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/562304014144463/

  4. Happy Snowy Birthday KtL

  5. Happy birthday, Katie!

  6. For anyone wondering, YES we are planning to be open tonight for our regularly scheduled classes.Please drive safely! We are anticipating being closed tomorrow, Wednesday, due to the storm. We’ll provide more details on tonight’s blog post.

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