COVID Updates – Dec 11, 2020

Yesterday afternoon, Governor Wolf and Secretary Levine issued an order with additional, temporary mitigation efforts for Pennsylvania. The measures include “No indoor operations at gyms/fitness facilities” from December 12 – January 4.
As such, we are suspending all indoor classes and open gym sessions for the next 3 weeksWe will offer a combination of Virtual classes (held via Zoom) and Outdoor classes (held in the parking lot). 
Just as we did last spring, every workout for the next 3 weeks will be “at home” friendly. In order to participate, all you need is a SINGLE dumbbell or kettlebell! If you do not have a dumbbell or kettlebell at home, you can borrow one from us. More details on that below.
We will post the Daily “At-Home” WOD to SugarWOD along with a demo video that will walk you through the movements, scaling options, and other coaching pointers. Once you complete the WOD, post your results to SugarWOD so we know who is participating! We’d also LOVE to see our ICA Community Facebook page flooded with photos of you during/post WOD, to keep us all connected during this time.
A few Q&As:
Q: Is ICA closed for business for the next 3 weeks?
A: NO! Our indoor facility is closed, but we’re still here to bring you your daily dose of fitness! We’ll post a new workout each day that you can complete either: (1) at home on your own, (2) during a Virtual Class, or (3) during an Outdoor Class.
Q: What are the class times?
A: Wellness Living has been updated. Take a look! Most weekdays we’ll offer 4 outdoor classes (5:30am, 9:00am, 4:00pm  & 5:30pm). Weekends and holidays we’ll have 2 Outdoor classes (9:00am & 10:00am).  In case of bad weather, we’ll move the outdoor classes to virtual.  You can check for updates on Wellness Living (we will have it updated no less than 90 minutes prior to class start time).  If you’re signed up for a class and it changes to virtual, you’ll be alerted via email and text!
Q: What about the 12 Days of ICA WOD??
A: Nothing stops 12 Days!! We have a new version of the WOD this year, which will take place in the parking lot on Saturday 12/19. There are 2 Outdoor classes: 9:00am and 10:00am.
Q: Will you continue to post the workout to the blog?
A: Workouts will be posted exclusively to SugarWOD. If you haven’t downloaded that app, do it now! Email or text us for the gym passcode. PLEASE continue to check the blog each day for other updates and important announcements.
Q: Can I borrow equipment from ICA?
A: Yes, if you do not have a dumbbell or kettlebell at home, you can borrow one from ICA. No other types of equipment will be loaned out at this time. Equipment pick up will be first-come first-serve this Saturday and Sunday (12/12 & 12/13) between 9:30-10:00am.
Q: Do I need to wear a mask for Outdoor classes?
A: No! We will set up the parking lot with cones at least 10′ apart, so masks will not be required. Please wear a mask when you arrive until you get to your cone/station, and put a mask on again when you are done working out.  (Also wear a mask if you need to run inside for the bathrooms.) But for the time you are at your cone working out, masks are not required.
Q: What do I need to bring to Outdoor classes?
A: Bring your KB/DB and a towel, mat or carpet remnant (to protect your hands and knees). Dress in layers!
Q: How do I participate in a Virtual Class?
A: Sign into Zoom 5-10 minutes before class using the link on the right hand side of the blog. Passcode: ICASTRONG. Set up your tablet/laptop somewhere that allows the coach to see you during the workout. Music doesn’t come through well over Zoom, so if you like to listen to music during the WOD, please have your own music ready to go and keep yourself on mute.
Q: I ordered joggers and/or meals from P3. When can I pick them up?
A: We’ll be at the gym daily for Outdoor classes; come by 15 minutes before or after any Outdoor Class to pick up these items.
We know this isn’t an ideal situation, but we believe in each of you to rise to the challenge! Let’s admit it, there’s something pretty bad ass about working out in the parking lot in 30 degree weather… and only CrossFitters are crazy and committed enough to pull it off! The Governor emphasized that this shutdown is temporary, and we fully intend on re-opening the facility January 4.
If you have questions we didn’t answer here, please reach out by phone, text, or email.  Thank you for your continued support of ICA! 
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