Announcement: Fight Gone Bad 6

This Saturday Sept 17 we will host Fight Gone Bad (FGB) 6 at Iron Cross Athletics.  FGB is a benchmark WOD with a neat story behind its naming.  (Hint – it was named by UFC fighter BJ Penn! If you’re curious about the story, click here to read more.)  Every year this workout is performed at CrossFit affiliates around the world to raise money for several different charities.  We are NOT requiring donations in order to participate in FGB at Iron Cross Athletics. However, we encourage you to check out the official FGB 6 page and donate if you can! We have a team registered under the name “CrossFit Phoenixville.” Every dollar helps!

We will run the workout as our normally scheduled class this Saturday at 9:00am. Guests and visitors are welcome, but please let us know in advance if you’ll be attending. This is guaranteed to be a great workout!

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  1. Definitely in for this.. wasn’t sure if you guys were planning on doing this or not.. count me in.!

  2. Question on Registration: I looked at the FGB6 site, and found Crossfit Phonexiville. Can I register through the site, join the team, and donate to the site for our team there?

    Also: are there tshirts? 🙂

    Sara will probably do the same if we can do it that way.

  3. Kevin – if you want to donate to FGB6 under CF Phoenixville’s name, right now I am the only person registered so you can donate using my page. You are MORE than welcome to start your own fundraising page and join the CF Phoenixville team. Then you can donate to FGB6 through your own page… and you’d get a t-shirt if you raise $150. To read more, click on the RULES tab on the FGB6 page (linked in the post).

  4. Ok, I will just donate to your page then. I wasn’t sure how it worked exactly … was hoping it’d be like the Grace tshirts … would be nice if you could just buy one with a $35 donation or something like that.

  5. I will be in for this workout for sure, I will try to bring some friends as well

  6. My brother is gonna be in town and join us for this, if that’s cool.

  7. Definitely Joe! Can’t wait to meet him

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