Daily WOD – Aug 1, 2011

Kevin on the thruster! Full squat depth, power thru the middle, full lockout overhead. PR at 215#!

Thruster 1-1-1-1-1-1-1  


AMRAP in 8 minutes of 20 wall-balls + 10 push ups

WOD notes:  It’s finally here!! Opening Day!!  We have a great month of WODs programmed for you. You’ll notice a number of Benchmark WODs and 1 rep max strength days, so we can set a good starting point for all our athletes. Today is a strength test followed by a short metcon.

Community notes:  If you are coming to today’s WOD but haven’t purchased a membership yet, please show up about 15 minutes early so we can get you set up. We’ll be available at the box starting around 4pm.

If you already have a membership, remember to sign up for class HERE before you come! If you don’t know how to sign up for class, directions are available at the box.

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  1. Congrats on your first official day of classes. Have a great opening!

  2. 5:00pm results:
    (Thruster 1RM / Metcon Reps)
    Killa 120# / 114
    Kevin 215# / 125
    Nik 138# / 158
    Joe 155# (depth) / 123 (14#)
    Karen 105# / 112 (12#)

    * Wall balls were to 14# to 9′ for women and 20# to 10′ for men, unless otherwise noted.

    Thanks to everyone who came out to our first class! We were 5 for 5 on PRs for the 1RM thruster. Woo woo!!! And a special shout out to Joe who completed his first CrossFit class tonight.

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