Daily WOD – Sept 6, 2011

Karen 2 rep Hang Power Clean - 90#!
Coach John 275x3!

Hang Power Clean 3-3-3-3-3


Run 1 mile for time

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  1. yay – running, my favorite and I sure hope it’s pouring rain at 6PM!

    can you sense the sarcasm??

  2. Haha, sorry Mel. Just focus on the hang power clean – you love those!! And think of the run as a cash out… a little bonus. If you’re feeling great tonight, give it your 100% and CRUSH it. If you’re hurtin, just get through the 2 loops, at whatever pace you can muster up. At least we’re not asking you to do a 5k… πŸ˜›

  3. I am way too excited for some hang power cleans!

  4. Think of the rain as a constant encouragement, like a rocky song on repeat πŸ™‚ I’ve run some of my best per mile times in the rain πŸ™‚ The faster you get done, the faster you get inside!

  5. I will definitely be making this up Thursday. Love the power clean run combo … good stuff.

  6. Hang Power Clean Results:
    Karen D 85×3, 90×2
    Joe 155×3, 175×1
    Tom 145×3, 165×1
    John 275×3
    Nikki 143×3
    Miranda 133×3
    Mel 128×3
    Grebe 150×3
    Sara 130×3, 135×2

    Mile Run
    Karen D 7:05
    Tom 7:01
    Joe 5:59
    John 6:16
    Grebe 6:54
    Nikki 7:20
    Mel 8:46
    Miranda 8:01
    Sara 7:27

    Awesome awesome job today everyone! We were so impressed with the mile run times everyone posted. We have a FAST gym!! Thanks to all our visitors today – it was great having you!

  7. Update from O’Neill’s Garage

    Brian- 145×3, 155×1; mile: 6:38; new skill- hydroplaning

  8. Nice job Spence! Wish you coulda been here for the mile run… I know you woulda shaved 20 seconds to keep up with John! Good luck with the first day of school tomorrow

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