Open Gym / Daily WOD – Sept 5, 2011

Ring HSPU - check. Smooth dismount - FAIL.

Instead of our regular 5pm and 6pm classes, we are offering an OPEN GYM tonight between 5pm-7pm. For those who want to continue to follow our ICA programming, here’s the recommended workout of the day:

Banded Front Squat 12 sets of 2 at 50% of your 1RM


Skill/conditioning: 25 handstand push-ups (NOT for time)

WOD Notes: For the HSPU, challenge yourself to go deeper than normal. If you can do full ROM HSPU, try putting your hands up on plates, or using parallettes.  This is skill/conditioning work and is NOT for time.

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  1. Lots of hard work tonight during open gym from a lot of familiar faces!

    Football grace
    15 c & j
    40 burpees
    10 c & j
    20 burpees
    5 c & j
    10 burpees

    Danny 7:44 Rx
    Chris 11:07 95lb
    Kristin 11:23 95 lb
    Melinda 12:49 Rx
    Matt 13:36 75lb
    Brian R 10:30 115 lb
    Rob Ph 10:24 95 lb

  2. Congrats on the HSPU on the rings, Nik! Bummer on the dismount, haha.

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