Daily WOD – Sept 16, 2011

Matt showing off his early morning sled pulling skills!

Banded Box (Back) Squats – 12 sets of 2 (approx 50% 1RM back squat)


Assistance Work (not for time)

  • 400m sled drag with 25% 1RM deadlift
  • 30 dead hang pullups

WOD Notes: You can do the assistance work at any time throughout the class… If you want to hit a few dead hang pull-ups between each set of box squats, go for it. If you want to get the 400m sled drag out of the way early, have at it. Just get the work done any way you can!

Community Notes: Tomorrow we’re hosting FGB6 at 9:00am! If you haven’t signed up with us at the box, please post to comments so we know how many people to expect. Thank you!! You can donate through Sunday.

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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. Results (box squat weight and bands, pull-up band, sled drag weight)
    Matt – 85# w/ monster mini, Green, 55#
    Killa – 100# w/ black, monster mini, 70#

  2. Nice work morning crew! For anyone interested, we’re hitting wod and wings tonight at the bistro on bridge after the 5 p.m. class.

  3. John 225# w/ purple, 135# sled, Rx PU
    Nikki 100# w/ black, Rx PU
    Dan 125# w/ black, 80# sled, Rx PU
    Kevin 155# w/ purple, Ring Rx PU

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