Daily WOD – Sep 8, 2020

Welcome Ethan!

Workout of the Day

Start a new station every 12 minutes:

  • 400m sled drag
  • Turkish get up 1 RM (L+R)
  • 10 minute death by two-arm DB squat clean (50/35#)

WOD Notes:  A “death by” rep scheme is an “every minute on the minute” style workout but you add 1 rep to be completed each minute until you finish or fail.  In this case, if you started with 3 reps the first minute, you would complete 4 in the second minute and 5 in the third and so on for 10 minutes.  Today you can start at 3, 5 or 7 reps.  If or when you fail, subtract 5 reps from your highest round and start building back up.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Quinn!


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