Daily WOD – Oct 9, 2022

Ray crushing a mile in the pouring rain!

Workout of the Day

Partner Interval:

Complete 20 rounds (10 each) for time of:

  • 15 wall balls (20/14″ to 10/9′)
  • 10m walking lunge (2×50/35# DB)

Time cap = 25 minutes

WOD Notes: Today we have a fan favorite – a partner interval WOD! Partner 1 will complete 1 full round while Partner 2 rests, then Partner 2 completes 1 full round while Partner 1 rests. Try to partner with someone that you can share a set of DBs with – especially in larger classes. The DBs can be held any way you want – most common is to hold them at your sides (famer carry style) or on your shoulders. To ensure both you and your partner get a great workout, select a medicine ball weight where you can complete 15 wall balls in 1-2 sets, even when tired. The lunges should be unbroken every round.


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