Daily WOD – Oct 25, 2022

Andrew pressing some weight!

Workout of the Day

Banded deadlift 10×2 (50% 1RM + band)

Then complete 3 rounds NFT of:

  • 12 hip thrusts (35% 1RM deadlift)
  • 12 Romanian deadlifts (35% 1RM deadlift)

WOD Notes: Today’s focus is on fast, explosive deadlifts. Athletes can choose conventional or sumo – if you’re participating in our meet on Saturday we recommend you use whatever lift you plan do to that day. The weight on your bar should be ~50% of your 1RM. Bands as follows: – Red band, 1RM deadlift <150 lb – Black band, 1RM deadlift 150-250 lb – Purple band, 1RM deadlift 250-350 lb – Green band, 1RM deadlift, 350+ Note: Shorter athletes or those doing sumo deadlifts may want to go up a band color; taller athletes may want to go down a band color

Power Meet Notes:  We’re extending the deadline to sign up for the power meet to Wednesday.  Sign up in Wellness Living if you plan to attend.  After Wednesday, we’ll set the heats!


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