Daily WOD – Oct 21, 2011

Mark's first Rx Grace!


30 clean and jerks for time (135/95#)

WOD Notes: Today’s workout is a CrossFit benchmark workout. It’s meant to be a very short metcon – ideally in the 5 minute range. We’ll spend a good amount of time getting you warmed up and ready to go hard! We’ll do this workout in heats so everyone has a counter.

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  1. Saw some great efforts this morning at the 6:15am class. Huge props to Matt for completing this WOD at 95#, and making it look easy. You are constantly impressing me with how strong you are on your lifts! And Emily, good job on your near-pukie effort πŸ™‚ You looked great with 45#, and we’ll definitely up that weight next time!

    Killa 3:57 Rx (2 second PR)
    Dan 6:04 Rx
    Nicole S 8:17 (85#)
    Emily 4:18 (45#)
    Matt 5:21 (95#)

  2. Pow!

    1. you ready for this kev??

  3. ah! my favorite wod!! I did a 6am workout today too, but it wasn’t nearly as fun as this one!

    1. what was yours mel??

      1. today was:

        work up to a tough 3 reps OHS (Not a 3RM)
        I got 105# – could have gotten more, but the point was not to max out.

        30 wallballs 10ft/14#
        50 weighted walking lunges (40# sandbag -spicy!!)
        15 muscle ups (transitions for this girl!)
        50 weighted walking lunges (40#)
        30 wallballs 10ft/14#
        Time: 16:09

        It was a pretty good one! but you know I would have rather done Grace! πŸ™‚

  4. Haha, I don’t know if I’m ready. I’m considering doing what John did for the Chief, and seeing how fast I can do as many reps as possible until I crash at about 10 – 15 for fun. Either way, I hope a few people do this Rx for the first time today and have fun with it. It’s one of my favorites.

  5. I am more than just a little scared for this one.

  6. I’m expecting big things boys…I think we need another visit from pukie! πŸ˜‰

  7. A Monster Mash of Wod’s at the OG:
    Barb 75# (10 RM Overhead Squat)
    Cragle 135# (10 RM Overhead Squat)
    Chuck 6:08 (Scaled Grace @ 115)

  8. 5:00pm results
    Joe 1:25 (185# backsquat)
    Kevin 3:05 Rx
    Karen 5:21 (85#)
    John 1:58 Rx
    Nikki 3:14 Rx
    Mark 4:37 Rx

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