Daily WOD – Oct 15, 2019

Welcome Fredi!

Rack Pull 5×1 (90-95% 1RM deadlift, from 4″)


4 rounds NFT:

  • 20 dead bugs
  • 10 bent over barbell rows (~30% 1RM deadlift)

Open Notes:  Thanks to everyone who made our first Friday Night Lights of the Open a blast last Friday.  Now we need volunteers for our next headliner heat which is going to be the 35-39 age group.  If you are in that age range and are interested please email us and we’ll reserve you a spot for the prime time heat (~6:00 pm) this Friday!

Nutrition Notes:  Day 37/40. If you bought the 2-scan InBody package, please sign up for your re-scan ASAP! Sign up sheet is HERE. Today’s note is to get you thinking… What comes next? After 6 weeks of clean eating, you’ll probably want to enjoy a few treats this weekend. Beer, burritos, bacon, ice cream… what did I miss?!? On one hand, you’ve worked hard and earned it, so go for it! On the other hand, please don’t binge your weekend away! The best way to avoid this is to HAVE A PLAN. Start thinking about it now if you haven’t already.

  1. Weight Maintenance. If you’re happy with your nutrition challenge results, you may be ready to enter a “maintenance” phase. Add 150-200 calories back into your diet, at ~ 40% carb, 30% fat, and 30% protein. Eat mostly gluten free and sugar free, but an occasional treat (a couple times a week) shouldn’t cause you any problems.
  2. Continued Cut. If you’re seeing results but not at your desired leanness yet, maybe you’ll want to continue your “cut” phase for another few weeks. Enjoy a couple of treats this weekend, but don’t go overboard. On Monday, get back to business. If you think your macros need adjusting, schedule a 1:1 nutrition session so we can review them for optimal results going forward.
  3. Gain Phase.  Maybe you want to pack on some mass in anticipation of our February lifting meet. You’ll need to add a significant number of calories and may want to hit extra lifting sessions and accessory work at the gym. If this is you, consider scheduling a 1:1 nutrition session so we can set you up with an eating and workout plan!
  4. Mental break phase. Maybe you found the challenge to be very hard work, and you want to stop weighing and measuring for a while. That’s fine too! We STRONGLY recommend that you continue to focus on food quality, centering your diet on vegetables, meat, GF starches, berries, fruits, etc. Enjoy an occasional treat (a few times a week), but try to keep sugar and beer from being a daily indulgence.
Remember that we offer 1:1 nutrition sessions at the same rate as personal training ($45 for 30 minutes or $75 for 60 minutes). If you want help designing a specific nutrition plan going forward, email us to schedule a sit down!
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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. 6:15
    DE 395
    Craig 305
    KTL 185
    Sabrina 235
    Vince 225
    BWat 245
    Faith 155
    Zane 255

  2. I’m in for the 35-39 age group! Who wants to throw down with me??

  3. Forgot to put my 415 up on the board for the 9:30 class.

  4. 5:15 am
    Swetha 163 PR!
    Ed 405 sumo
    Steve M 405
    Ceil 205
    Kelly W 163
    Jesse St
    Hannah St 163
    Danielle 215
    Tyler 265
    Keith 265
    Franco 405 sumo
    Mike D
    Eric B
    Kelly G 165
    Kehl 275/305

    Julie 155
    Joel 415
    Frank W 365
    Andrew 365 sumo
    KtN 🙂
    Fredi 🙂
    Megan S 🙂
    Paul 305
    Tanya 305
    Jenn 275
    Daria 155
    Janet 255
    Allison 135×5 form
    John 535

    Linda 135
    Cindy 165
    Kyle K 295
    Ryan A 455
    Robbie 🙂
    Kirsten 215 sumo PR!!!
    Jenn 245
    Lanna work
    Jesse Sy 195
    Tom S 305
    Lou 🙂
    Shawn C 275
    McNally 🙂

    Catherine 195×5
    Jeff 325
    Nikki K 185×3
    Erin 265×5
    Jay 135 sumo x alot
    Alexa 🙂
    Joe S 250 hex

    Blake 315 sumo
    Chris W 95×5
    Dan R 315
    Becca 135
    Rob G 225×5
    Marco 95×5
    Tammy 135 sumo
    Nik 265

    Jimena 165
    Blythe 190 PR!
    Steve K 315
    Bob K 315
    Mullaney 225 x a bunch
    Heather 255
    Erik 365

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