Daily WOD – Oct 14, 2019

Congrats to Mel and Ray Z on the birth of Eva Simone!

Complete 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time of:

  • Handstand push ups

Complete 30 double unders after each set.

WOD Notes:  The scale for handstand push ups will be single arm DB push presses.  The set of 10 will be 10R/10L.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Dan E!

Open Notes:  Anyone signed up for the open has until 8:00 pm today to submit your score on 20.1.  Don’t forget!

Nutrition Notes:  Day 36 of 40.  The nutrition re-test workout will be this Wednesday.  At the very least, keep up the good eating until then.  If you did the inbody, it would be wise to keep it up until after your re-scan.  Speaking of which, if you purchased the before and after inbody scan, please pick a time on the schedule HERE for the second scan.  If you choose not to use the second scan now, you can be credited $15 toward a scan in the future.

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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. 5:00
    Kyle 12:36 (2xSU, 35#)
    Bob B. 19:45 (45#)
    Shawn F.
    Tim 17:37 (30#)
    Dan T. 12:40 (20#)
    Jesse Sy. 8:48/21:14 (5544332211, then back up 1-10)
    Lombardi 9:12 Rx (Strict)
    Erin 10:06 HSPU with scales
    Morgan 12:14 (20#)
    Tiago 13:21 Rx

    Erik 18:06 (30/35#)
    Mike C. 15:00 (20#, Jumping Jax)
    Ryan S. 13:15 (25#, 30SU)
    Chris W. 14:26 (20#, 2xSU)
    Sigal 20:09 Rx
    Ricky 14:10 Rx (Strict)
    Julie 13:10 (25/AM)

    Andrew 12:20 (20#, 30 Jump Double Taps)
    Sean R. 16:02 (10-6 @ -4″, 2xSU)
    Kristen 13:32 (15#, Bike)

  2. Congrats Ray & Mel on your beautiful daughter Eva!

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