Daily WOD – Oct 13, 2012

Run 5k for time

WOD Notes: Start by re-reading this post on cherry picking, then come join us in the morning for a beautiful fall run! The 5k will be 6 laps of our 800m course plus a 200m run. The scale will be a 2 mile run (4 laps of the 800m).

Community Notes:  Good luck to Sabol, Mike V and Phil on their Level 1 Crossfit certifications this weekend!

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  1. Good luck guys!

  2. Results from our runners! Great job everyone; thanks for coming out!

    Mario 23;29
    Mark F 25;28
    Nikki 26:52
    Lindsey 29:40
    Kim 31:00
    Matt F 30:23
    Todd G 14:45 (1.5 miles)

    Gunter 19:28 (after running 8 hilly miles at 8am…)
    Jess 26:51
    John 24:53 (huge PR!)
    Laurie 27:03
    Nick 26:26

    1. Jimbo 23:56 PR!

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