Daily WOD – Nov 1, 2021

Lidia working through lunges!

Workout of the Day

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

  • 500m row
  • 30 air squats
  • 20 sit ups
  • 10 push ups

Time Cap = 24 minutes.

WOD Notes:  Today is the first day of Rowvember!  The rest of the workouts won’t be part of the daily programming but the first one is to start the month.  If you’re taking part, all you need to do is find time to complete all 10 Rowvember workouts over the course of November and log your results in SugarWOD.

Nutrition Notes: Food options.  If you’ve never been to Foresta’s meat market (right by the 800m turn around), check them out!  The have a deli section with all sorts of tasty foods (both challenge approved an not).  If you realize you’re headed home after the gym and don’t have any food prepped, it is worth checking out. I highly recommend the jambalaya and the sausage and peppers!

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