Daily WOD – Jun 9, 2020

That feeling you get post WOD

At-Home Workout #88

Warm Up

  • 250m run
  • 10 side lunges (5R/5L)
  • 10 alternating toe touches
  • 10 squats (5 wide, 5 narrow)
  • 10 two-arm KB/DB ground to overhead
  • 10 KB/DB goblet squats
  • 10  KB/DB overhead reverse lunges (5R/5L)
  • 10 two-arm KB/DB push presses
  • 10 ATYT

Workout of the Day

Complete 4 rounds for time of:

  • 400m run
  • 10 Turkish get ups (5R/5L)

Cash Out

  • Max two-arm thrusters in 1 minute.

Cool Down

  • Crossover shoulder stretch (30s/side)
  • Standing quad stretch (45s/side)

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout, and here for a break out video of the Turkish get up. Post to comments or SugarWOD: Time, weight used, modifications.

Community Notes: We hope you can join us for our Outdoor Movie Night this Friday (6/12) in the ICA parking lot!! We are really looking forward to a fun community evening with all of you, to celebrate our area’s transition to Yellow, the fact that we all survived 3 months of quarantine, and the excitement that we’re going to be opening up again soon!! Bring chairs or picnic blankets, beverages, etc, and set up in the parking lot with at least 6′ distance between families. Show up around 8:00pm and the movie will start around 8:30pm. Special thanks to Whitehorse Women’s Rugby for donating to the event. Our original plan was to show “The Fittest,” which is a movie about Mat Fraser and Tia Clair Toomey, both multiple repeat champions of the CrossFit Games. Given the recent events in the CrossFit community, we have decided to step away from that film. Instead we are leaning towards showing “Fullsterkur,” which is a Rogue Strongman documentary about the country of Iceland and the incredibly strong athletes it has produced. There’s a chance we’ll change our minds again before Friday, but let’s be honest – this night isn’t really about the movie anyway! We can’t wait to spend a warm summer evening with some of the people we’ve missed most these last 3 months!

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