Daily WOD – Jun 10, 2022

Ricky & Stephanie taking a walk!

Workout of the Day

Complete 8 rounds for max calories of:

  • 40 seconds row
  • 20 seconds rest

Rest 4 minutes.

Then complete 8 rounds for max reps of:

  • 40 seconds wall balls (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • 20 seconds rest

WOD Notes: Try to keep a consistent but very fast pace on the row. For the wallball portion, unbroken wallballs would get you between 19 and 21 reps each round. If you are going to break, do everything you can to stay close to your first and second round totals.


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  1. Nik

    Competing tomorrow? You can still work out today!

    Lots of ICAers are probably planning on a rest day today in prep for tomorrow’s BoB competition! Just wanted to mention that today’s workout was designed to accomodate folks who want to CRUSH IT and folks who want to JUST MOVE. If you’re competing but still want to work out today, we recommend hitting this WOD at 60-70% intensity. Row at a non-sprint pace and use a lighter wallball than normal, maybe picking a set number of wall balls each round that’s within your comfort zone. If you come to 5pm, plan on sticking around to help Dave set up!! Happy Battle on Bridge Eve!

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