Daily WOD – Jan 23, 2023

Gretchen crushing her overheads!

Workout of the Day

2023 Nutrition Challenge Performance Test:

  • Row 500/400m (or bike 1000/800m)
  • 15 bar-over burpees
  • 15 clean & jerks (135/93#)
  • 15 bar-over burpees
  • Row 500/400m (or bike 1000/800m)

WOD Notes: Today kicks off our 2023 Nutrition Challenge! For those participating in the challenge, this WOD serves as the “before” test, and we’ll complete the same workout in 28 days as the “after” test. If you haven’t committed to the nutrition challenge, you can still join in. This year’s challenge is a 28-day sugar and alcohol detox. Read up on the details here and commit to the challenge by commenting on the post!

In the 2nd part of class we’ll work on establishing our 2023 fitness goals. Try to come in with 1-5 ideas. To get you started, consider: (1) What movements/workouts hold the most meaning to you? Strict pull ups? A certain mile time? Any particular lift, such as a clean or back squat? (2) Are your goals varied enough? If they’re all weightlifting or all conditioning, consider mixing it up! (3) Are your goals reasonable to hit by the end of 2023, or are some of them longer term goals for which we can establish an intermediate goal for this year? If you are drawing a blank, don’t worry! Coaches will be available to help you brainstorm!


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