Daily WOD – Feb 28, 2020

Congrats to our February 1-year member, Andrew! Shout out to these other Feb anniversaries: Kerri (7), Pete S (7), Jeff (5), Anne Marie (2), Matt B (2), Sean R (2), and Alex W (2)

Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift 1-1-1-1-1-1


3 x 30 banded good mornings

WOD Notes: For anyone doing the power lifting total on Saturday, treat today like a prep day. Warm up to around 70% and hit 7 x 1 across.  Use any extra time to hit a bunch of hip mobility. Ideas include rolling (foam roller or lacrosse ball) or pigeon, couch, or hamstring stretches. For anyone not doing the power meet on Saturday, here’s your chance to set a new 1RM deadlift!

Community Notes: Happy birthday Kyle E!

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  2. 6 PM Happy Hour!
    Lori 120 (2×5)
    Kristen 140
    Blythe 215PR!!!
    Tiago 360
    Shawn F 315
    Ryan 145PR!! (9×3 om 45# plates)
    Erik 255
    Peter 275
    Dan R.

  3. 4pm
    Andrew 275# PR!
    Shawn C 285# PR!
    Fili 460
    Ricky 460
    Tom B 255# sumo PR!
    Ryan 325#
    Mary 3×80 (4″) *first class!
    Kirsen 185 across (Nikki said she wasn’t allowed to go higher)
    Kerri 195
    Sigal 330# PR+15!

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