Daily WOD – Feb 25, 2017

Strongman Day!

  • 20 stone/keg to shoulder
  • 5 legless rope climbs
  • 400m barbell carry (AHAP)

WOD Notes:  Today’s workout is not for time.  It is a strength assistance day where you can play with some strongman gear.  It would also be a great day to get on the GHD, reverse hyper or pegboard.  For the barbell carry you will use the heaviest weight you can safely clean and get over your head to your back.

Open Notes:  Anyone registered for the open online should login and post your score.  We can validate it once you’ve entered it.  You have until Monday at 8:00 pm officially but get it in tonight!

Community Notes: Happy birthday Natalie H!

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  1. Happy birthday Natalie!

  2. Happy Birthday Natalie!!

  3. Happy birthday Natalie!!

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