Daily WOD – Feb 23, 2020

Liz at the bottom of an OHS!

Complete 7 rounds of 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off of:

  • Deadlifts (225/155#)
  • Push ups
  • Russian twists (25/15#)
  • Strict pull ups

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Craig!

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This Post Has One Comment

  1. 8:00
    Rob R 307
    Danielle 451 RX
    Natalie 570
    Eric fitness
    Traci fitness
    Faith 494
    Vaibhav fitness
    Mel fitness
    Joel Yup
    Kelsey 517 (banded pull up)
    Mado 411 ( 105)
    Fili fitness
    Warnek 350 Rx

    Lombardi Ouchie
    Erin 457
    Katie M fitness
    Lucas 435
    Jim C fitness
    Jen C fitness
    Dan E fitness
    Boelker 489
    Nikki K fitness
    Tracy fitness
    Byron fitness
    Iggy fitness

    Swetha fitness
    Melissa ~420
    Heather 418 (lunges)
    Joe S fitness
    Todd fitness
    Jess fitness
    Shawn fitness
    Sean fitness
    KTS fitness
    Sillup fitness
    Todd B fitness
    Ricky fitness

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