Daily WOD – Feb 17, 2022

Matt lining up for a power clean!

Workout of the Day

Front Squat 8×1 (90% 1RM)

The complete NFT:

  • 4×20 one-arm KB slider deadlifts (10R/10L)
  • 4×20 goblet squats (10R/10L, heels elevated 2″)

WOD Notes: Today is a killer leg day!! Get ready to pack in some work.

Open Notes:  The 2022 NoBull CrossFit Open is just 7 days away!  The all-inclusive worldwide Open is the largest participatory sporting event on Earth. During the online competition, one workout is released each Thursday, and athletes have four days to record and submit their scores. Our Daily WOD each Friday (Feb. 25,  Mar 4, & Mar. 11) will be the Open workout for that week. Anyone who is 14 and older can sign up and participate in the first step of the CrossFit Games season. Anyone who signs up will also be placed on an in-house intramural team with an ICA coach as a captain! So, what are you waiting for?! Follow this registration link to sign up for the Open and join in on the fitness and fun!


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