Daily WOD – Aug 28, 2020

Craig landing a box jump!

Workout of the Day

Deadlift 8×1 (90%)


Complete in any order:

  • 3×10 banded deadlifts (~50% 1RM deadlift)
  • 30 dead bugs

WOD Notes:  The deadlifts today should all be performed at the same weight.  We’ll be testing a new 1 rep max in September and this is a chance to feel heavy weight and fine tune form.  The banded deadlifts should be with a band that allows you to move the bar quickly but feel significant added resistance at the top of the lift.  This is a general guide based on your 1RM deadlift:

  • Green band = 400#+
  • Purple band = 250#-400#
  • Black = 150#-250#
  • Red = < 150#

200 Burpees Note: This Saturday is our annual “200 burpees for time” WOD. If you’ve never done this workout, you are in for a treat! It’s a true test of grit and a workout our athletes love to hate. 😂 Less enthusiastic burpee-ers can complete 100 (beginner) or 150 (intermediate) burpees. We have a 25 minute time cap, though most athletes finish under 20 minutes and our fastest are under 15! This year we have extra encouragement to participate: We are donating 1 cent to 31Heroes for every burpee completed (and logged to SugarWOD) on 8/29. Due to the weather forecast we are holding classes inside.

Community Notes: Happy Birthday Sage and Stacey!

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