Daily WOD – Apr 5, 2020

At Home WOD #23

Warm Up

5 minutes of slow cardio (run, fast walk, bike, row, walk stairs, etc)

3 rounds of:

  • 20 deadlifts
  • 15 Russian KB/DB swings
  • 10 sit ups
  • 5 burpee jacks

5 inchworm in place with low plank/upward facing dog/downward facing dog  

5L/5L spiderman lunges in place

Workout of the Day

Complete 21-15-9 reps for time of:

  • Burpees
  • KB/DB swings (left arm)
  • KB/DB swing (right arm)
  • Bicycle crunches (L+R=1)

Cash Out

  • 5 minutes of tripod headstand practice

Cool Down

5 x 10 second hold of each neck stretch:

  • Forward and backward tilt
  • Side tilt
  • Side rotation

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout. If you have a DB and can’t comfortably swing it with one arm, modify to 2-arm swings at 42-30-18 reps.

Schedule Notes: Last minute addition – we’re offering a 10:00am virtual WOD on Sunday morning! Sign up in Wellness Living and join class on Zoom by clicking here. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out! All you need is a computer w/ webcam (preferred) or a smart phone to participate. Give it a try!

Next Week’s Schedule: If you didn’t complete our survey last week about your preferred virtual class times,  please take 30 seconds to do it now! This will help us set our schedule for next week. Vote here. Thank you!

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This Post Has 52 Comments

  1. 14ish minutes
    Doubled on swings number 35# kB

    1. First post! I thought you were a late sleeper… I guess you were just too excited to wake up and do burpees! 😉

      1. And Dan and I ran a little over 5k … while maintaining 6 feet distance

        1. Swetha showed amazing grit! Go girl.

        2. Whoa, this is awesome! Way to go Dan & Swetha!

  2. 2000m warm up row
    Subbed bicycle for 13#Russian twists
    3000m cool down row
    I surprised myself. I didn’t think I could single arm swing the 30!!

    1. Nice work Megan!

  3. 6:01 26# KB
    Yesterday’s cash out: alternating high, low, side planks unbroken. Today’s cash out: me falling all over the floor

    1. I hope you enjoyed the song as much as I did! Keep it up Diana.

  4. Fun fact: The word ‘quarantine’ is derived from the Italian word ‘quarantina’, translated to forty days. The word was first used in the 14th century, as part of the Venetian Policy of 1377, during the Black Plague, in an effort to keep ships from plague-stricken countries waiting off its port for forty days to ensure that no latent cases were aboard.

    1. I hope that’s real because I like it. Let’s hope they’re keeping it literal and we can be back in 2 weeks!

  5. My 5 minutes of power walking turned into
    6 miles (1:31)
    Yes I did all the burpees!
    35# 1 arm swings
    Stay safe my friends!

  6. Make up from Friday 29:10Rx

  7. Sofia- 9:15. 30# swings
    Ceil -9:25 30# swings.
    Sofia success with tripod handstands, Ceil not so much😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  8. Thanks to everyone who participated in our 10:00am Zoom class! If you’ve been wondering what you’ve been missing, you can check out the full class recording on YouTube, here: https://youtu.be/KHgHCo0Hwi0. Forward to about 27:30 to see the start of the workout, or 33:50 to see the Ricky vs. John photo finish.

    1. Also – 42:30 for a tripod headstand challenge from Vollmer

  9. Nicole – 6:46 35# KB
    Alex – 6:55 44# KB
    Really enjoyed zoom class! Thanks Nikki and everyone!

  10. Tammy: 21-15-9
    Time: 7:27, 26# KB
    Mila 15-10-5
    Time: 5:26, 10#DB

    1. Nice work Tammy and Mila!


  11. 11:10. Burpee Jacks and 20# kb

  12. 12:52

    35# KB & Burpee Jacks

  13. THANKS for the zoom invite. It was great seeing everyone and working out with a group. Murray definitely cheated reps! Ricky’s stache is impressive… Kinda

  14. 5:36. Used 25 lb bk because of back. Destroyed this like it was my bitch.

    1. BK?
      Bell Kettle?
      Burger King?


  15. 6:40 – 15# KB. I think I have a 25# KB being lent to me soon so I’m excited to be able to do these with more weight!

  16. 12:54 box burpee (12″) 44# kb

  17. 9:30 – 32.4lb dumbbell

    Lila and I doing headstands. I could get here ok but couldn’t straighten my legs 😃😃

  18. 9:11 25# DB

    tripod practice needs practice

  19. 8 ish minutes – orange kb (I accidentally reset my timer 😢)
    Modified burpees
    1 ish mile warm up with my pup

  20. Make Up WOD#22 RX :
    ??? – 24:31 thru the 200m Run, + 88 DU’s . Then, rope misfunction, as the rope broke off the handle. Stopped timing at that point but, ~ 8 minutes of cursing and repair to then finish with a new round of 200 DU. Followed with a 8:00 min cool down run and elbow plank with 5 drops.

  21. Gonna make this one up on a rainy day (so I can beat Joe😉).

    Today’s adventure:
    2000m row
    + 600m row

    Every 7 min for 3 rounds
    800m row
    10 weighted step ups (30# slam ball, 21”)
    10 front squats (95#)
    5:32, 5:42, 5:40

    Now off to run 3-4 miles. I think I’m gonna regret this Concept 2 April Fools Challenge around day 8 or 9, when I have 8K staring me down. 🙃🙃🙃

    1. Erin, I’m definitely regretting it!! I’m SO SLOW!!

  22. I did a 20 minute Peloton Bike to warm up.
    9:21 with #20.
    3 mile family walk as cool down.

    1. That is a solid cool down Doc. Sounds like a wonderful workout!

    2. You’re cute!

    3. Missy 7 mile run in AM; 7:11 44# RKB
      Sean didn’t time it but was finished before Missy, 35 # DB

  23. I did half of Friday’s workout in place of today’s.
    10 rounds – 20:10
    Rounds 1-5: Rx
    Rounds 6-10: 3 pull ups, 10 knee push ups, 15 squats

  24. 9:17 step up warm up 35# DB 21/15/9 such a quick workout but packs a powerful so much fitness punch.

  25. No formal ICA wod today (although I do want to do it later). Swetha and I ran a 5k, which I did 3/4 forward and 1/4 backwards. Then I ran a half marathon at 1:53:53, 8:38 avg pace, heart rate of 169, and a cadence of 170.

  26. 8:20
    Did knee pushups instead of burpees
    9.5# DB

  27. Marsha-15# DB-8:48-2x air squats for burpee
    Jeff-7:33-35# DB-the pauses on the bicycles were fun!

  28. #30 KB scaled 42, 30, 18
    Forgot to hit the timer

  29. Hi! My good friend Megan Spier asked me to try this workout. I had to make a “kettlebell” and just did the best I could. Thanks Megan!

    1. Nice work Julia, thanks for joining in on the fun!

  30. 8:51 – 26# KB

  31. 20 Rounds
    500m row
    1 min rest
    total of 10,000m

    Maintained 2:00 or less on every row
    39 of 59 mins at 70% or better of max heart rate.

  32. Wanted to workout today but time got away from me. Ended up cleaning/rearranging my garage for 6 hours and installed a pull-up bar. Mitchell and I are ready for next week!

    1. That’s awesome Tim! Can’t wait to see it in action!

  33. 12:35, 35# KB, 400m rows for warm-up.

  34. 9:12
    35# KB

  35. 10:00am class results
    John 5:48 (53# KB)
    Ricky 5:47 (50# DB)
    Vollmer 8:30
    Steve M 6:41 (vest & 55# DB)
    Steve K 6:27
    Murray 6:40
    Dan E 6:27
    Alex W 6:55
    Nicole W 6:46
    Amy 7ish (10 plank burpees/rd)

  36. 7:52:79
    40# DB

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