Daily WOD – Apr 4, 2020

At-Home WOD #22

Warm Up

400 m run

Complete 2 rounds:

  • 20 high knees
  • 20 butt kicks
  • 20 hip circles (5 per side per direction)
  • 10 leg swings (5 per side)
  • 10 jumping jacks

Workout of the Day

Complete for time:

  • 800m run
  • 50 double unders
  • 600m run
  • 100 double unders
  • 400m run
  • 150 double unders
  • 200m run
  • 200 double unders

Cash Out

  • Hold a plank on your elbows for the duration of this song.  Don’t check ahead of time, just click and start planking.  This cash out brought to you by Rick K!

Cool Down

  • Seated straddle (2 minutes)
  • Calf mashing (1 min/leg)

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout. If you are unable to run, perform a cardio exercise of your choice for approx. 4-3-2-1 minutes. Weighted fast walking, row, bike, or step ups would all be fine. For the DUs, it’s a lot of reps! Modify to 1/2 reps (25-50-75-100) or even 1/5 DU attempts (10-20-30-40).  If you sub single unders, the standard is 2x reps, but for today we’d also take 1.5x or even 1x. Post to comments: Total time, modifications. Also let us know how many sets it took you to complete the cash out!

Pull-up Program:  We’ve had a few people with access to pull up bars request a program to start improving their pull up capacity, and Ricky already had one in the works!  You can see the plan here broken into level 1 (working on your first pullup), level 2 (1 to 5 pull ups in a row) and level 3 (already more than 5 strict pull ups).  You may have to get creative and use partners to assist where bands were listed, but it should be a great way to work on improving while you’re home!

Schedule Notes: Join us for a Saturday morning WOD at 9:00am on Zoom! Reserve your spot in Wellness Living, then click here when you’re ready to join class. Please mute your mics when class begins, and have your own music source if you want to listen to music!

Community Notes: Happy birthday Peter S! And happy belated birthday Tom G!

FUCS Challenge: Results are in from week 2! Congrats to the following athletes who completed at least 4 workouts during the 2nd week of the challenge (3/25-3/31). Please let us know if we missed you!

Tom B. Diana Fili Steve M. Betsy Jenn Tav
Karen B. Shawn C. Kirsten Marco Dan R. Dan T.
Kelsey Tobin Christine G. Tammy Danielle Meg V.
Ashlee Tim C. Craig Chris Mc. Catelyn Alex W.
Missy Jeff Kehl Marissa Megan S. Nicole W.
Mado Tanya Steve Keiper Jenn Papp Ceil
Averie Faith KTL Erik Heather
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This Post Has 66 Comments

  1. Thanks for the pull up plan Ricky! I’m excited to get at it!

  2. Serious? I have done 18 of the 20 workouts. This is a conspiracy against bald people.

  3. Mr. Sikora, I certainly don’t doubt you’ve done 18 workouts…but you gotta post your results to the blog every day to be in contention.

  4. So I’m going to replace Celine Dion with Ani Difranco bc i can’t stand Celine Dion and i love Ani Difranco

    1. Solid choice Curtis, Ani is two of the 4 concerts I’ve been to in my life.

  5. I did this. Slow and steady was my goal so I didn’t time it as usual. Did 2x DU and runs were a little longer. We won’t discuss the plank😂😂

  6. Lost 3 layers and a lot of sweat in the process, but I made it through! Shout out to Averie for encouraging me to try an ICA workout this week. I’ve been having a rough time motivating myself since our rugby season was cancelled, but I’m grateful she encouraged me because this workout was just what I needed to kick my butt into gear and start working towards getting in shape for next season!

    1. Way to go Maura! The first step is often the hardest. Keep up the good work! And great job Averie for the encouragement 🙂

  7. ~18 minutes – distances were “ish”; double single unders

  8. 21:40 (row, DU: 50, 75, 100, 150)
    4+a few maybe stopped counting….. times drop on plank

  9. Mama and the boy🤗

    28ish mins RX

    25ish mins SUs, 2/400m, 2/200m

    That plank was super fun with my lats Charlie horsing. And FYI that was hideous but glad I was in good company to enjoy the misery!! Miss you all!!🥰

  10. Mado: 23:11 RX, plank 2x
    Kelsey: 23:30 RX, plank 5x (my moms singing was distracting😂)

  11. 24:32:65

    Thanks John & Nikki!

    @ Heather, can you post the virtual 5k you mentioned?

  12. Nik 22:12 (subbed Russian twists & bicycle crunches for DU). Plank hold = unbroken!

    1. whoa!

  13. Since I had a case of the lazy yesterday I did yesterday’s workout today. Forgot to set the timer but this is what I can say, it took more than a minute and less than a day to do it. Banded pull ups, 30# KBP subbed for push ups.

  14. 21:56, 2xSU

  15. Added 1500m of rowing mixed in there… 29:36

  16. 34:01 RX
    That was a lot of double unders!
    6 breakes for the cash out

  17. Zabs – 19:57 (1000m ➡️ 250m row, 1/2 DUs)

  18. Danielle

    28:39 RX
    I planked for 2 minutes unbroken but my shoulders then said no. Lol
    I literally had to FORCE myself to do this today. But I’m happy I did 😃😃

  19. 21:34 2x su
    Plank hold unbroken , switched from hands to elbows and side holds.

  20. Erik 37#fast walk, 1 X SU 19:27 tried cash out – died half way through
    Sara fast walk 1 X SU 19:00

  21. No dubs for me yet…


    – 1000m row
    – 25 strict butterfly abmat situps
    – 25 squats
    – 25R/25L oblique crunches (70#)



    4×15 Gorilla Squats (70#)
    4×20 Plate Curls (15#)
    4×20 Single Leg KB Deadlifts
    Tabata Dead Bug

  22. Today I helped my friend complete a 15k, her longest run the date.

  23. Nicole – 20:20, 2xSU
    Alex – 23:40, ran (4) 800’s with Heidi girl, 2xSU

  24. 25:48 SU

  25. Did a slightly different workout today:
    4 mile run (and found an outdoor pull up bar on my route!)
    200 m run
    100 SU
    200 m run
    200 SU
    200 m run
    300 SU
    200 m run
    400 SU
    Cash Out – due to a dog breathing in my face and that awful song only lasted about 2:30 minutes – yikes!

  26. 28:28 – That 200 at the end was “special” 🙂

    1. Wasn’t it though.

  27. 30:33
    2x SU

  28. If you didn’t take a pic, does it even count?! I kinda look like death but I also just did 1000 SU and ran a marathon (it felt like a marathon at least 😆) so, death is about right lol

  29. 19:48
    Don’t have a jump rope so did some jump up/step up combination on the curb

  30. 33:05 RX. My rope thanks you for the cardboard suggestion, my arms after 500 dubs, not so much.😁😁😁😁

  31. 32:35

    Singles not doubles.

  32. Little project my dad and I took on today. 24” box.

  33. So I may regret signing up for the Concept 2 April Fool’s Challenge. Row 1000m per day x date through 4/15. Today was 4000m, so I did this little WOD in my basement:
    3 RFT of:
    1000m row
    50 sit-ups
    40 air squats
    30 KB deadlifts (70#)
    20 DB hang clean (35#) “not of the power variety”
    10 push ups
    After 3 rounds, immediately finish w/1000m row.

    Surprisingly, my rows got better with each round, but the basement kept getting warmer.

  34. 21:57 Rx
    Used a rope I bought at Lidl for $2.57. It’s pretty awesome.

  35. 28:23 – “jump to curb”

  36. Row + SUs, forgot to start the clock, so no idea on the time.

    Cash out: that was a thing. I am seriously questioning whether you’ve been trapped inside for too long if you’re taking suggestions from Rick.

    1. BWat! So good to see your name back up on the blog. Way to get after it! And our old friend Rick sure does have good taste in music. Genuinely surprised the song wasn’t Black Betty by Ram Jam.

  37. 20:38 2X Single unders.

  38. Alex W’s sister and Nicole W’s sister in law. Time was about an hour and half.

  39. 22:55
    2x SU’s
    Cash Out – yea right.

  40. 40 minutes – with elliptical rather the runs and single unders

  41. 29:29 Rx – so excited I was able to Rx this one!! This was my favorite quarantine workout so far.

  42. Marsha-12″ step ups and air squats on my cadence
    Jeff- 10, 20, 30, 40 DU. 3 breaks on the world’s longest song

  43. Marsha should be on the list, she’s done every workout I have

  44. “Cindy”

  45. 26 min RX, except the cash out that was not a short song lol!

  46. 24:27. DU’s in the ICA parking lot tore my rope. Lol. Pretty cool…I then went home and rowed a 5k…slow at 23:37 but got it done. Trying to do that once a week.

    My GF thinks I am crazy…well hell who doesnt???

    Stay safe.

  47. 24:36
    4x 800m run
    All DU sets unbroken (50, 100, 150, 200)

  48. Missed a couple of days of working out so did 2 today.
    yesterday’s workout – 35: and change – forgot to write it down
    PU – green band
    Push-ups – on knees
    Today’s work out
    Single under’s first 2 rounds unbroken

  49. 1.8mile weighted run + back squatted some heavy fence posts + Yesterday’s WOD (Murph-ish)

    23:08 (3 strict pull-ups/rd, knee pushups)

    + today’s cash out.. mostly by myself because Dan was yelling at Rick

  50. I think you missed me! Anyway,
    Today I had a wod variation: shocked 3 yards of mulch, clean and planted even more stuff! I need a relaxing CrossFit wod again 😂

    1. Shoveled*

  51. 2.1 mile run
    750 SU
    Did not time it

  52. 26:06 2x single unders

    Any suggestions that are even possible to order at this point?! I got one online and it was awfully weighted and killed my wrist. I’ve been using this old, old one and it sucks! Send help!

  53. No jumping for me yet
    5 mile power hike(1:04)
    4 rounds
    25Kb swings
    10 deadlifts
    20 Russian twists

  54. 20:40, row instead of run, 2x SU

  55. Did this Sunday 4/5
    Modified step and RTS w 10# I/o DUs – 20-20-30-40

  56. Had to push this to Sunday so my partner could join in.

    21:45 doubled on SU’s. Neighbors made a chalk finish line for us they got so used to the back and forth running haha.

  57. And what the heck was this 5 minute song ???? 😂

    1. I know right, I feel like she left something on the table. It definitely deserved to be a 7 minute song!

  58. I did it! That’s all I wanted haha. 32:40

    1. Nice work Caity! I’m glad you joined in on the fun!

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