Daily WOD – Apr 6, 2020

At-Home Workout #24

Warm Up

400m run

5 deep lunge & twists, each leg

3 rounds of:

  • 5 backward lunges, each leg
  • 5 lateral plyo jumps, each leg
  • 10 push ups
  • 15 wall balls or odd-object thruster

Workout of the Day

On a 3 minute clock complete

  • 400m run
  • Max wallballs in remaining time

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for 5 rounds. (Kick off a new round every 4 minutes.)

Cool Down

  • Strap/band/belt hamstring stretch (30 sec) and crossover (30 sec), each side

WOD Notes: Click here for a video explanation of today’s workout. Most of us do not have wall balls at home, so you can use any ball that you have available and launch it high! Alternately, load up a backpack or find another odd object and do thrusters instead of wall balls. Post to comments: Total number of wall balls, object used. Pics are encouraged 🙂

Schedule Notes: For the next 2 weeks, we’re diving head first into virtual classes, and we hope you’ll join us! Everyone who’s tried one so far agrees – it sure beats working out alone! Schedule for the weeks of 4/6 and 4/13:

As always, please sign up for class in Wellness Living, then join class on Zoom using this link. (There’s also a button on the right hand side of the blog.) Zoom is now requiring a password for all meetings. If prompted, use password ICASTRONG.

Virtual Recording: If you haven’t tried a virtual class and you’re curious to see what it’s like, check out this recording of Sunday’s 10am WOD. Check out ~27:30 for the start of the WOD, 33:30 for a photo finish between John and Ricky, and 42:30 for a tripod headstand challenge from Vollmer. Props to Steve M for doing the whole thing wearing a weight vest. Enjoy!

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This Post Has 53 Comments

  1. 2.6 miles run for warm up
    86 trusters with my new friend “the log”!
    (400 m in a 50 ft inclination)

  2. Modified for a “www” (with Wes workout…lol), 4 laps around the block (about 300m) and 10 thrusters each lap (2 10lb DB), NFT

  3. 5 rounds, 400 m run and 20# slam ball for 3 minutes

  4. 10#WB/9’ – 89 reps
    Target to side of house. A lot of airballs and no rep, but, I counted anything that left my hands! They actually got better with each round.

    1. Hopefully the WB shows up here. I really did throw one!

  5. I sub’d 20 lb slamballs for wallballs (15, 10, 10, 10, 8). My 400 meter route is not the same level of difficulty both ways!!

  6. Row – threw 15# kb

  7. 4 mile run over my lunch break
    Time – 36:12 avg. pace 9:02/mile

    1. Brisk walk?

  8. 5 Rounds of 400m run and 15 thrusters
    Meg-30# (4000m warm up -bad idea! 2000 more to go)
    Sadie-10# front squat
    Karen B-30#

  9. 50 thrusters w/ 18# container of rock salt😁 Fun!

    1. How big is your salt shaker???

      1. If you have to ask… You probably can’t handle it

  10. Jenn
    Felt good to be outside and doing the WOD with ICAers especially doing these movements!
    These home wods are making me feel like it’s my first week of CrossFit! 😂
    90 #8 WB (felt like 50lbs…I think they mislabeled it🤣)
    2 mile for cool down

  11. Nicole – 114 reps – 12lb med ball to 9′ basketball net.
    Alex – 109 reps – 44#KB thrusters
    Great class Ricky!

  12. Fun one today – great virtually seeing everyone at noon! Beautiful day!

    Kyle – 20# wallball to 10′ basketball hoop – 78 reps
    Steve – 45# barbell thrusters 🙂

  13. Gav did 133WB RX
    I lost count -🤷‍♀️- 20# WB…and a shit ton of mulch to move for the cash out.

  14. Mado: 90 w/ 12# WB
    Kelsey: 73 w/ 20# WB

    1. Whoops! Mado: 95 WB w/ 12# ball

  15. 101 barbell thrusters 35#
    Day 2 pull up progression

  16. 130 basketball tosses in the air
    Felt great to be outside!

  17. Nik – 5 rds of 400m run, 25 Belgium block (stone) thrusters. We were juggling kids so I gave up on precise timing! Great WOD and a great day to be running outside.

    1. Haha, agreed! True fitness…on their time!

  18. 88 thrusters (30 lb Dumbells).

    1. You ARE my hero.

  19. Rowed for the 5 rounds of 400 meters, 20# wallball total of 70 reps, 20, 15,15, 10, 10.

  20. 123 reps total.
    Started with a 40# odd object (my boyfriend’s weighted running vest) but I couldn’t get a good grip on it so it started to hurt my elbow so I switched partway through round 2 to a 25# KB so I did 26 at 40# and 97 at 25#.
    I had my boyfriend keep my timer on this one to make sure those minute breaks didn’t go anyone 😝

  21. I did Loredo in 19:46.

  22. John – did the workout with a backpack that I would guess weighed around 10#. Around 100 thrusters!

  23. 71, back of books and a red face

  24. I did my own workout today
    2 mile warm up then ascending ladder work of the following movements for 30 mins
    Push up
    Mountain Climbers (each leg)
    Sit up

    Ended at 14 + 6 – modified push ups

  25. 30 round EMOM
    Rotated each exercise on the minute
    5 strict Pull ups
    10 slow push ups
    15 20# WB to 10”

  26. 107 front squats with a backpack stuffed with textbooks
    I gave myself an extra minute to complete the 400m and started on every fifth minute because I’m built for power not for speed 😂

  27. Subbed run with 1 km aab, 45# barbell thrusters, 30 per round. Fran lungs

  28. No Wallballs for me yet, though I LOVE the layout of this WOD.

    3000m row (Splitting up the Concept 2 April Fools’ Challenge into 2 sessions per day)

    3000m row buy in
    100 RKBS (70#)
    400m run
    80 deadlifts (205#)
    400m run
    60 strict situps
    400m run
    40 box jumps (24#)
    400m run
    20R/20L jumping lunges

    Switched box jumps to box step ups after 20 reps. Shoulder couldn’t handle the dynamic motion.

  29. I have to work this week and my sleep schedule is all kinds of off. I did a full body lifting routine with my dumbbells before work with the thought I’d do this one when I got home. By the time I got home, I was just wiped so this workout wasn’t gonna happen. Lol. I did, however, make myself row for 30 minutes which may have been as equally not fun as this workout would have been for me 😂😂😂

  30. Superset 3 rounds 12 reps
    Floor press 50# dumbells
    Chest flys 25# dumbells

    Rows 135# barbell
    Bent over reverse flys 25# dumbells

    Romanian deadlifts 155#
    Hamstring curls on ball

    Brian 96
    John Campbell 101

  31. 50# 2 hand dumbell thrusters

  32. So I changed things up a bit. Did 1 min of very fast step ups then 2 min of thrusters. Turned out to be very effective. Very sweaty. Which is hard to believe…. *cough* 31 30 30 30 32 153 total thrusters. 35# DB

  33. Did this baby and wallballs amounted to 128. Ran into tow ICAers during this workout. This far here are the ICA people i have randomly run into during the quarantined.
    Tyler, Jen T, Missy, Dom, Erin, Dave, John, Luke Katie, random lombardi’s, Elissa

    Count is eleven…we have all kept our distance.

  34. 102 Wallballs to a 9’+ target (all the higher I could get the with the ladder I had, safely).
    20# WB
    60-90sec rest between rounds because of kid needs.

  35. 82 total WB using a 15# SB (each round: 18,19,12,16,17)

  36. RX+ 480m run(s), 88 40# cinder block thrusters.

    That was fun! Sorry about the church bells guys. Good warm up music though…

  37. Did not time
    Ran 1.2 miles followed by 100 20# slam balls

  38. This one got away from me a little bit. My measured 400’s take about 2 ( I’m around 1:35 at ICA) mins when I’m fresh so I didn’t get too many thrusters and got a little messed up towards the end.

    99 thrusters with a 20# DB Pretty sure I did 5 rounds…

  39. Completed. Lost count 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Jimena – Thrusters with 15 lb DB
    Rich – Thrusters with 26 lb KB

  40. Dan T:. 148 ish. 35 lb dumbbell.
    Jesse Sigh: 149 ish pharmacology book wrapped in blanket in bookbag tossed in air.
    Jesse Sigh too:. Tomorrow’s WOD, 5 rounds +24 rx

  41. Sean – 105 thrusters w/ 60# DB
    Liz – enjoyed the sunshine/completed

    1. Nice work Liz.
      Sean…pick it up!

  42. Erik 37# 2 min fast walk, 35# DB thruster – 115
    Sara fast walk, squats – 131

  43. 100 balls to the wall (no idea on height or weight with either). just wanted to get a ball to the wall!
    Alt for run
    Transition time from device to wall took longer than expected
    oh well – I moved… 🙂

  44. 57 wall balls @ 20# to 9’, Rows

  45. Made this up 4/7 in the PM.

    Round 1 44# KB thrusters, almost died, then switched to 30# DB. Lost count of the reps, I was in a haze of hurt! Sean was the real MVP, he kept me company practicing double unders the whole time so I didn’t look *as* crazy doing thrusters out front of our house 🙂

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