Daily WOD – Apr 18, 2021

Tammy finishing a pull up!

Workout of the Day

Deadlift or Sumodeadlift 5×5 (75% 1RM)

EMOM for 8 minutes of:

  • First minute: 12 slam balls (30/20#)
  • Second minute: 12 single leg deadlifts (30% 1RM deadlift)

WOD Notes: Today is a volume deadlift day. You’ll load up to a moderately heavy deadlift and stay at that weight across all 5 sets of 5. You can do sumodeadlifts or conventional deadlifts – whichever one you’re more comfortable with and plan to use for the Power Lifting Total on June 12! Today’s SugarWOD post has both the sumo and conventional deadlift listed – be sure to post your results under the right one for accurate future track backs. The slam balls today are designed to be strength training (as opposed to conditioning).  Be VERY aggressive as you throw the ball to the ground and get some explosive work out of it!

Schedule Note: FREE Open Gym is back on the schedule, Sundays at 8:00am! You can do today’s deadlifts, make up a WOD you missed, or hit any other workout of your choosing. Please have your station cleaned up by 8:55.

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Coach Kelsey!

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