Daily WOD – Apr 16, 2023

Meghan working through her devil’s press!

Workout of the Day

Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1
Then 80-yd double-dumbbell walking lunge:
  • 4×10-yd front rack
  • 4×10 yd overhead (2 DB or KB, AHAP)

WOD Notes: Today kicks off with heavy push jerks, working up to a 1 rep max. If this movement doesn’t feel great on your shoulders, sub a push press instead. Part 2 consists of weighted walking lunges. In the past we’ve performed this movement with 1 DB in the front rack or overhead position… today calls for 2 DBs, and it’s a whole new challenge! Our age-group quarterfinals athletes tackled these a couple weeks ago. Record the heaviest weight you used for an unbroken 10-yd distance in the front position and overhead position.



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