Daily WOD – Apr 12, 2021

Kelsey & Nik tackling Quarterfinals 21.3!

Workout of the Day

Back squat 5×5 (~80% 1RM)


3 rounds NFT of:

  • 20 banded hamstring curls (10R/10L)
  • 20 glute bridges (50/35# wreckbag)
  • 20 jumping squats (50/35# wreckbag)

WOD Notes: Today starts our 8 week power cycle! It will culimate with a test of our power lifting total (1 RM squat + bench press + deadlift) on Saturday, June 12. Get ready to set some PRs!! If you plan on participating on June 12, try to make up any missed lifting sessions during Open Gym times. Today’s 5×5 back squat means you’ll pick a weight and stay there across all 5 sets.

Schedule Notes: Starting next Sunday, April 18, the 8:00am slot on Sunday will transition back to a free Open Gym. We temporarily made it a class due to the winter attendance surge, but we’re excited to get a weekend Open Gym back on the schedule! (Just in time for the power lifting cycle 😉)

Community Notes: Happy birthday KTS!

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