Daily WOD – Apr 11, 2022

Quinn getting ready for some weighted lunges!

Workout of the Day

  • Run 1600m

Rest 4 minutes

  • Run 800m

Rest 3 minutes

  • Run 400m

Rest 2 minutes

  • Run 200m

WOD Notes:  Today is a great opportunity to hit some benchmark runs!  There are several ways to go after this.  One is to try for a PR on one or two of the distances.  In that case, plan for the run before and/or after to be a little slower.  Or you can try to gradually increase your speed across all 4 distances.  Start fairly steady on the mile and try to move a little faster each run!

Cherry Picking Notes: Much like Batman’s heroism, this may not be the workout some of you want, but if I’m talking to you, it’s the workout you need!


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  1. Mel

    Nooooooo!!! 😂 I almost hit cancel but then the wise words of John came to mind. “Don’t cherry pick ya bums!”

  2. Kirsten

    Also in the wise words or John… “You don’t HAVE to run… You GET to run”

  3. Joel


  4. Joel

    Awww shucks…The 9am is full! Oh well…

  5. Boelker

    Luckily, Joel, there are an additional 4 hours of open gym and many more classes today!

    1. Kirsten

      Plus this WOD can easily be done from home!! just use “Map My Run” and run out half the distance, turn around and come back for each round!

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