Teen Strength & Speed Program

We are excited to announce that our Teen Stength & Speed Program is expanding to 4 nights per week!

Starting January 24, 2022, our teen athletes will have the opportunity to train with us Monday – Thursday from 7:00-8:00PM.

This program focuses on developing strength, power, speed, and mobility, in a safe and fun setting. It provides a high energy environment and instills our teen athletes with a love of working out and knowledge that will last a lifetime!

Membership options

  • 2x/week – $120/month*
  • 4x/week – $180/month

*For added flexibility, the 2x/week membership is tracked as 9 classes a month, so if your teen misses a week due to vacation, illness, or school work, they can make up the missed classes.

Questions & Answers

Is there an age restriction?
While most of the teens in this program are high schoolers (age 14-18), we have several middle schoolers (12+) that do very well in the program. These younger athletes will be allowed in on a case-by case basis.

My teen has never played sports; can they do this program?
Absolutely! Our program is beginner friendly. It’s a fun and encouraging group for teens of all abilities. We can help your teen unlock their inner athlete!

Will this program help my teen in their sport?
Definitely!  Physical strength, speed and increased body awareness help with virtually any sport.

Are the classes co-ed?
Yes, classes are co-ed. Teens of all genders and abilities are welcome!

Is lifting safe for my teen? How do you ensure safety?
Our program starts with teaching your teen sound lifting mechanics and movement patterns. Once the athlete can perform a lift safely, we increase the amount of weight they are allowed to lift. Our coaches have years of experience teaching the foundational lifts covered (squat, bench press, deadlift, and power clean). Another way we ensure safety is that we limit class size. This allows us to give your teen individualized attention and provide each athlete with their own lifting station, so there is no pressure to “keep up” with a lifting partner.

What is a typical class like?
Classes are 1-hour long. They start with a coach-led warm-up and instruction on the lift of the day. Next the athletes will lift, under the watchful eye of a coach. Class ends with 1-2 “accessory” movements, usually bodyweight or lighter weight movements to drive home the strength training or build explosive power and speed. The session ends with a group stretch.

My teen’s coach wants them to gain muscle mass. Will this program help them get there?
It sure can! If you have a specific mass-gain goal, please let us know. Some athletes put on muscle easily, but many (most) will want to combine our lifting program with a mass-gain nutrition plan. We can help you with that, too!

Please reach out to us with questions or to register! Space is limited!

Contact: John Warnek, 717-572-3994, info@ica-strong.com


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