Daily WOD – Jan 10, 2022

JZ landing a split jerk!

Workout of the Day

“Open 21.1”

Complete for time:

  • 1 wall walk
  • 10 double-unders
  • 3 wall walks
  • 30 double-unders
  • 6 wall walks
  • 60 double-unders
  • 9 wall walks
  • 90 double-unders
  • 15 wall walks
  • 150 double-unders
  • 21 wall walks
  • 210 double-unders

Time cap: 15 min.

WOD Notes:  In preparation for the 2022 CrossFit Open, we’re hitting the first workout from last year!  Rx requires setting up tape 10″ from the wall and at shoulder height to ensure range-of-motion. (More in the video, here.) If you want to shoot for the Rx, be sure to show up a few minutes early so we can set up your tape.  If not, come in and crush whatever version you’d like! As with many Open workouts, this WOD is not designed to be finished (by ordinary humans) within the timecap. Think of it as an AMRAP!

Goal Setting Notes:  This Tuesday we hold our annual goal-setting session during each class! Come to class with some idea of what (fitness-related) goals you want to attack in 2022. If you’re interested in setting up a time beyond this class to have a 30 minute sit down with a coach to go over specific goals and strategies to attain them, you can reach out to Kevin (Kevin@ICA-Strong.com) or Ricky (Ricky@ICA-Strong.com) to set it up!  Cost of the one-on-one session is $30.

Schedule Notes: Beginning January 24, we will no longer offer the 7:00pm Daily WOD on Monday/Wednesday, due to low attendance. We’re expanding our teen program to 4 nights/week, so they will be using the gym from 7-8pm Monday-Thursday. We are hopeful that our 7:00pm devotees will be able to make it to another class time. On days when that is not possible, the back room will be available for use from 7-8pm as an “Open Gym.”  Open Gyms are free and do not count toward your class totals.

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