Rest Day – Oct 8, 2011

Thanks for another great week at ICA!! Rest up, stretch, and get ready for a great WOD on Monday – straight from the 2011 CrossFit Games! Also, we’re planning on ordering ICA hoodies, and we want to know how many to get. The draft design is below. (Subject to change once the printing company proofs it.) We don’t have an exact price yet, but they will be $40-50 depending on the type of sweatshirt we order. Please post to comments if you’re in for a hoodie, and if so what size. We won’t be ordering many extras, so the only way to guarantee you get one is to pre-order here!

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  1. Remember we’ll be offering a free 6:15am class on Monday!! It’s to make up for the Wednesday AM we had to cancel due to a power outage. Please sign up on mindbody if you plan on coming. Thanks!

  2. I’ll take one Size Large please. Is maroon the only color planned? If so that’s cool.

  3. Right now we’re planning on maroon. But if everyone wants a different color… like black or grey… we’re not totally set on maroon!

    Chris – size L?

  4. Grey wouldn’t be bad actually! I like it, either maroon or grey. Both colors go with most things!

  5. I’m in – Large or me please.

  6. I will definitely be needing one of these, size M for me!

  7. Size Large please!!! Like the design:)

  8. Size L on the Sweatshirt for me, please.

  9. If it weren’t for that badass quote, I would put TEAM KEVIN on my sweatshirt…

    1. killa maybe we can get glitter pens and write that down the arm?

  10. We could probably just borrow Kevin’s glitter pens…I like where your head’s at!

  11. i’m in! Size M. any color will do for showing my ICA pride 🙂

  12. I don’t share my glitter pens with girls.

  13. I want a sweatshirt!!! Medium please : )

  14. Three more if it’s not too late!

    1. I already had you figured in mom!

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