More Space = More Fitness!

We’re excited to announce that ICA is expanding!

You’ve probably noticed construction taking place in the back corner of the gym… Curious to know what it’s all about? We’re adding a fully outfitted 2nd workout room. Below are some details and answers to your questions.

When will it be ready?  This has been in the works since last August (2021)!  We hope to have the basic construction done within the next week and then begin moving in new equipment. With a little luck, we’ll have meaningful fitness happening by September 1!

What will it look like when complete?  The new space will serve the purpose of an entire second gym. While the layout will be different, we will still have fully outfitted workout stations similar to what we have in the current space (likely 12 rather than 14 spots).

Why?  Because we want to be able to offer as much fitness as possible! In the short term, this room allows us to greatly expand our open gym hours. As we progress, we will begin to add classes at peak times (Saturday mornings, weekday afternoons, etc.). The main goal is to have more offerings and opportunities for our members – if you want to come in and workout, we want you to be able to!

How can we help?  I can’t tell you how grateful I have been to field this question from many of you already. The answer is, we will have ~10,000 pounds of mats to install, 12 new squat racks/pull up stations to assemble and then bolt to the ground and a whole fleet of bike ergs to piece together (and this is just the start). We hope to put one or two work days on the calendar shortly for anyone who is willing and able to help out!

We truly can’t wait for all the opportunities this space will give us to help serve the ICA and Phoenixville community!


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  1. Kelly Gleba


    1. Nikki

      Thank you! We’re very excited for the new possibilities!

  2. Theresa Nowrey

    That’s awesome! Congrats on the dream panning out! Happy to help put some stuff together

  3. Smith


  4. Joe S

    You are amazing gym owners and incredible business people. You are successful for a reason. This isnt just coincidence, look forward to the new ICA!

  5. Vicki Masciandaro

    Congrats! This is awesome!!

  6. Mado Blaquiere

    Congratulations John and Nikki!! This is amazing! This is hard work on your part and we all appreciate it. Remarkable!

  7. Allison Rodrigues

    Congratulations John & Nikki…. Can’t wait to be home permanently in Oct.

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