Daily WOD – Jan 22, 2022

Shawn F moving fast on the rower!

Workout of the Day

With a partner (one person working at a time), AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

  • 80 wallballs (20/14# to 10/9′)
  • 60 sit ups
  • 40 box jumps (24/20″)
  • 20 power clean and jerks (135/93#)

WOD Notes:  Choose a power clean and jerk weight that you will let you complete sets of 1 to 3 at a time.  The work does not need to be split evenly so communicate with your partner and help each other out!

Community Notes: Happy Birthday Bob K!

Community Note 2: Tomorrow morning Coach Iggy will be stopping by in the 9:00am timeframe for a farewell visit. Iggy is stepping back from coaching at ICA to focus on family, work, and finishing his MBA. If you see him, be sure to wish him well! Iggy – thank you for the friendship and the tremendous coaching over the years. It’s not goodbye, it’s “see you later!”


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