Daily WOD – Jan 23, 2022

Great work to the ICA crew who took on the Chilly Cheeks 11k trail run today in Reading! Big congrats to JZ for winning the Clydesdale division!

Workout of the Day

Sumo Deadlift 8×1 (85% 1RM)

Then complete NFT:

  • 40 front scales to back scales (20R/20L)
  • 2 minutes of an inversion of your choice (rings, bar, handstand, headstand, wall walk)

WOD Notes:  Warm up to 85% of your 1 rep and then stay there for all 8 sets.  It should be a weight that looks and feels good but is very high exertion.  For the inversions, the goal is to accumulate 2 minutes upside down.  Break it into manageable chunks!

Trail Run Notes: We added a trail run/hike to the schedule for tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Meet at the Lock 60 recreation area at 11:15. John will lead a 4-6 mile run and Nikki, Carver & Sage will lead a 3 mile hike. Free for all members & guests!


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