2021 Open Teams!

We are thrilled to have 62 ICA members registered for the Open this year! Without further ado, here are the teams for our in-house Open competition!

If you registered for the Open but don’t see your name, let us know asap! You may not have selected CrossFit Phoenixville as your affiliate… we can help you fix that and get you added to a team!

A few ground rules and reminders:

  1. Each team has a team color – wear it (and as much of it) as you can!
  2. For the Open WODS everyone will have a judge/counter. Whenever possible, try to pick a judge who is not on your team.
  3. In order to earn points for your team, you MUST submit your score at games.crossfit.com by 8:00pm Monday night! If you don’t do the workout or don’t submit your score, you’ll earn “0” points, so please set yourself an alarm and remember to get your scores in!
  4. We’ll award points based on your in-gym rank for each WOD. Athletes posting Rx scores will get ranked first, then Scaled scores, then Foundations scores. (See infographic below.) To get the most points for your team, start each workout in the hardest level you can. When you hit a point where you can’t do the designated weight or movement, mark your score and continue on with whatever modifications you need to get a good workout in! Ask your captain (or any coach or experienced ICA member) if you have questions about your strategy/approach when each Open WOD is announced.
  5. The Open is all about having fun, pushing yourself to new limits, and feeling the love from your teammates and global CrossFit community. Remember to SMILE, CHEER & CELEBRATE our shared successes!

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