Football WOD – Feb 25, 2018

“Lucky No. 13”

  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Deadlifts (60% 1RM)
  • 3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 Burpees

WOD Notes: This workout will be performed as an EMOM (every minute on the minute). Minute 1 you’ll complete 10 deadlifts and 3 burpees. Minutes 2 you’ll complete 9 deadlifts and 4 burpees… Minute 10 you’ll complete 1 deadlift and 12 burpees. Strong  burpee-ers should challenge themselves to start at 5 burpees, and weaker burpee-ers may consider starting at 1. If at any point you can’t complete the required work in that minute, the workout turns into an AMRAP.

Open Notes: With a few athletes still needing to post scores, the early results are in! Black is in the lead, followed by Green, Purple, Blue, Grey, and Red. The full results spreadsheet is posted HERE. Please double check your score, as we had a lot of results to input!

Open Make Ups: We expect all athletes registered for the Open to complete the workout on Friday, except in the rarest circumstances. Please give us an early heads up if you know you won’t be able to do the WOD on a Friday. Opportunities to make up the WOD are listed below. You are responsible for arranging for a judge/counter. 

  • Saturdays: Make ups will be permitted during Open Gym (7:30-8:30am)
  • Sundays: Make ups MAY be permitted; please contact the Sunday coach and be prepared to offer bribes, since you’re asking them to give up extra time out of their day… That said, most coaches are amped up for the Open and happy to accommodate just before or after Football WOD. Tomorrow 2/25 Nikki will be available between 8:15-9:00am. There will be one heat which will kick off at 8:35 on the dot.
  • Mondays: Make ups MAY be permitted but must be arranged directly with John.

Open Repeats: ICA management strongly discourages repeating Open workouts, for a variety of reasons. If you decide to repeat anyway, and you don’t improve your score, you owe John an apology and a 5,000m row. Same as above, arrange for a judge/counter and verify a coach will be available during one of the times listed above.

Community Notes: Happy birthday Natalie H and Jolene!

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  1. Happy birthday Natalie
    Happy birthday Jolene

  2. Yeah Team Grey (aka: David’sDottirs & Sons). Some first ttb and kick ass efforts by our team members. We can check three movements off the list for the next 4 weeks (it’s not a definite, but past history indicates we don’t do the same movement more than once in the Open). Good luck to the other teams!!!

    1. PS: happy birthday ladies!

  3. Betsy 115# (5–>14, -7 burpees)
    Nicole ?
    Alex 145 ?
    Jenn 175 (6+11, 6″ jump)
    Tobin 105 Rd
    Julia 62# KB
    Elissa 135 Rx
    Erin 165 Rd
    Sillup ?
    Iggy 265 (6+3, 6″ jump)
    Caine 135
    Zab 225 (8+2)
    Christine 95 (DC, -2 burpees)
    Catherine 120 Rx
    Bri 105 (scaled burpees)

    Kelly D 90 🙂
    Olga 65 (3–>8 burpees)
    Caine (Fitness)
    Rocco (Fitness)
    Dave W 165 Rd
    John Curran 65 Rx
    Jen Curran 125 Rx
    Shawn G 135 🙂
    Fili 225 (9+6, 3–>8 & 7–>10)
    Joe S (Fitness)

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