Daily WOD – Sep 15, 2019

Complete 12, 9, 6, 3 reps for time of:

  • Power cleans (185/115#, NTE 75%)
  • Strict pull ups
  • Evil wheels 

WOD Notes: The power cleans should be heavy enough that you need to drop every rep. Use the same barbell for evil wheels. If you can’t get close to parallel on evil wheels, sub banded dead bugs (L+R=1).

Nutrition Notes: Day 7/40. What do you do when you’re hungry but it’s not time for your next meal? One thing to try is a zero calorie beverage. Water is best, but seltzer, unsweetened tea, or black coffee are all options too. However, if you’re routinely hungry outside of your meal times, be sure to let us know. If it’s also accompanied by low energy, you may just need more calories!

Schedule Notes: Yoga with Jana at 11:15am!

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