Daily WOD – Sept 30, 2011

Killa B's sweat angel

Platform Deadlift – 12 sets of 1 @ 80% 1RM 


SPRINT 400m, in remainder of 4 minutes perform max reps deadlift (135/95#)

WOD Notes: For the deadlifts we’ll be lifting from a platform – standing on either 45# or 25# plates. The goal is to work on speed and explosiveness! For the cash out, your goal is to move fast and get lots of reps! If the prescribed weights are more than 50% of your 1RM deadlift, you should scale to 50% of your 1RM. Your score is the total number of deadlifts performed.

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This Post Has 7 Comments

  1. Morning Results:
    Dan 245, 38 reps Rx
    Matt 175, 24 reps Rx
    Joe 250, 45 reps Rx
    Killa 185, 46 reps Rx

    Some great energy for a 6:15 class!

  2. Awesome pic, reppin’ ICA!!

  3. Look at that sweat angel. What a lady!

  4. LOL – cool pic. I may have to forward this to a friend who still seems reluctant to believe you can get fit doing 4 minute workouts. I think this is proof?

  5. You can definitely get “something” doing 4 min workouts hahah. Kev #1 like you have room to talk, #2 that’s your lady!

  6. Nice pic. Under 10 minute workouts scare me more than any other.
    Results from O’Neill’s Garage:
    Donna 85, 15 reps (65#)
    Barb 155, 29 reps Rx
    Spotts 155, 25 reps Rx
    Spencer 245, 48 reps Rx
    Cragle 205, 51 reps Rx

  7. 5pm results
    Kevin 315, 54 reps

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