Daily WOD – Sept 26, 2011

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

  • 2 muscle ups
  • 4 power snatch (135/95#)
  • 200m run

WOD Notes: The sub for muscle ups will be jumping muscle ups or banded muscle up transitions.

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  1. That is a pretty fair article. Its been refreshing to see more positive articles on crossfit. I remember when I started, it would get ripped pretty frequently.

  2. Good Article Kevin –

    This part of the article echo’s Nikki’s Sentiment on CF Programming at the Main Site

    If you go to CrossFit.com, the company’s website—and the only consumer-side product produced by CrossFit, Inc.—you’ll find a single WOD each day. And usually, it seems near impossible.

    Wilson almost never programs the corporate WOD at Potomac CrossFit: “They’re programming something [at CrossFit.com] that’s so hard that the world’s fittest athlete can’t do it—that’s in the charter,” he says. Instead of doing the impossible, CrossFitters at his gym—and at the other gyms mentioned in this piece—prescribe their own WODs.

  3. Results from tonight (BMU = banded MU, JMU = jumping MU)
    Kevin 7 + 4 Rx
    Brian 8 + 2 (BMU, 115)
    Joe 6 + 4 (MU & JMU, 105)
    Tom 8 + 6 (JMU, 115)
    Dan 6 + 6 (JMU, 105)
    Gunter 10 (BMU, 65)
    Nikki 7 + 6 Rx
    Barb 7 + 6 (transitions, 55 & 60)
    Spotts 6 + 6 (BMU, 75)
    Spence 8 + 2 (JMU, 105)

    Congrats to Joe for his first WOD with muscle ups! His first 5 rounds he did Rx MU, then switched to jumping for the last 2 rounds. Also great having some visitors from O’Neill’s garage during our 6pm class tonight. Hope to see you again soon Barb, Spotts, and Spence!

  4. O’Neill’s Representin’:
    D-Money: 11+1 (JMU,45#)
    Scott-Dogg: 10+2 (MU,75#)
    Crag-Mac: 9+6 (MU,115#)
    Big shout out to Scott for not only doing his first muscle up tonight, but then doing 22 of them in the workout. Sick!! Running in the pitch black through the neighborhood kept things interesting for us. Good work by all, the ICA’ers and the OG’s at the garage.

  5. Great stuff today, Joe!

  6. Thanks Kev….not enough rounds, but happy to get the muscle ups

  7. Thanks Kev….not enough rounds, but happy to get the muscle ups. I thought it was a solid effort by everyone today.

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