Daily WOD – Sept 27, 2011

Ninja Kevin

Max height box jump


Back squat 3-3-3-3-3

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  1. Results from today (box height in inches / 3RM in pounds)
    Karen 33.5 / 105
    Sarge 29 / 165 (PR by 8″ and 30#!!)
    Nikki 41 / 185 (PR/PR!)
    Joe 43 / 265 (PR!)
    Mark 56.5 / 185
    Kevin 48 / 275

  2. O’Neills Garage…

    Due to the rain we had to jump inside. I am pretty sure most of you would’ve jumped right through our roof.

    Spence 39 / 220 (hit the ceiling fan on last jump… luckily it was off)
    Deirdre 31 / 135 (PR)
    Spotts 34 / 155 (PR)

  3. Good stuff on those back squats at the garage. I think Mark almost jumped through our roof today.

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