Daily WOD – Sept 12, 2011

Gunter's Blazing 400m


5 rounds for time of:

  • 400 m run
  • 30 box jumps
  • 30 wall balls

WOD Notes: This is a benchmark WOD, and it’s a long one! The fastest athletes can finish this in the low 20 minute range, but it is more often in the 30-40 minute range. We will have a 40 minute time cap; please scale accordingly!  A GREAT scale for this WOD is to do 3 rounds instead of 5. We strongly recommend this for all beginners. Another scaling option is to do 1/2 reps of box jumps and wall balls.

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  1. If only this workout were running and box jumps. This is an aggressive way to start the week. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed doing this girl WOD.

  2. Kev you’ve had 2 days of rest, you’ll do great!! And if for some reason you’re sore and low energy today, remember the scaled versions of this WOD are great alternatives. I’d rather see any of my athletes hit 3 rounds HARD than 5 rounds at half intensity!

  3. Kev,

    Maybe we can do this as a partner WOD. Nikki and John won’t mind.

  4. First benchmark wod. Read this Wod post last night, and immediately went to bed 🙂 Time to bring it today… Hey.. At least the 400’s arent in the rain, could you imagine?!

    See you at 5!

  5. Mini soap box moment: Today is a great opportunity to set a benchmark for yourself – so you can measure your progress the next time we get a visit from Kelly. But I can’t stress enough that CrossFit is all about INTENSITY!! If you are ready to kill this thing today, come in and do 5 rounds and hit every round like it’s your last. If you don’t think you have it in you today, please seriously consider scaling in some way. At 3 rounds this is a great CrossFit triplet that falls in the (very reasonable) 12-22 minute time domain.

  6. It is definitely good I’ve had the rest, though I will admit I was still sore yesterday from Wed thru Fri WODs. Kelly is always tough … I’m just awful at wall balls, so my goal is to try and keep my intensity up through those. I’ve always believed this WOD should be called “Soulcrusher” or, maybe Sara would call it the “Dreamshatterer”.

  7. Joe, I’m game for a partner wod. You can do the wall balls.

  8. LOL

  9. Results
    John 14:52 (3 rds, DC height)
    Joe 15:25 (3 rds, 14#)
    Gunter 17:36 (3 rds, 14# to 9′)
    Tom 36:18 Rx
    Mark 31:45 (14#, DC squat depth)
    Kevin 30:49 Rx
    Dan 29:37 (1/2 reps, 20″, 14#)
    Jill 34:55 (Rx, 8ft)
    Nik 16:24 (3 rds)
    Killa – ouchie
    Chris 22;07 (3 rds, 20″, 14#)

  10. Great job today. Congrats to Tom for gutting this one out and finishing under the 40 minute time cap. Impressive stuff. Also great job to Kevin for setting a new PR! And finally thanks Jill for visiting from CrossFit Aspire.

  11. Kevin – spot on with calling it soulcrusher. Never ending box jumps. Maybe it should be called jointcrusher. The 400m runs were a welcome break. Glad I finished that one. Had to dig down deep in the will power box for that one. Nice time kevin

  12. Haha, Tom that workout has been the bane of my existence each time I’ve done it. I can only make you feel better by letting you know my time has improved somewhat each time I do it. My first time was just shy of 40 minutes. It may not make you feel better to know it sucks just as much each time I do it, however. In any case, good stuff for finishing it off; you have a PR to beat now!

  13. Whoever edits and pubihsles these articles really knows what they’re doing.

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