Daily WOD – Sep 2, 2021

*Weather Note: The gym lost power due to Ida. There’s also some clean up that needs to happen before classes can run safely. As such, ALL MORNING CLASSES ARE CANCELED. We’ll update Wellness Living around 10am to let you know if the 12pm class is on. (We’ll give approximately a 2-hour heads up for evening classes too.) Continue to sign up for your preferred class time so you will get an email if we need to cancel. Thank you for your understanding! 

*Reminder: We post an at-home version of every daily WOD! If your class was canceled, give the at-home version a try and let us know how it went!

Pugh and Dries firing through snatches!

Workout of the Day

AMRAP in 20 minutes of:

  • 3 deadlifts (345/205#)
  • 10/8 toes to bar
  • 15 push ups 

WOD Notes:  Choose a deadlift weight/technique that can be done consecutively without regripping each round.  If you’re working toward a more efficient deadlift, feel free to elevate the start position by propping the bar on top of plates or switch to sumo if you know it feels better.  Push ups and toes to bar should be done in 1 or 2 sets for the first couple rounds.  Adjust reps/movements accordingly!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Fred and Fili!


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  1. Nikki

    Power just came back! Unfortunately roads are a mess. As such, the 12pm class is CANCELED. We plan to clean from 12-3pm and we’ll be ready for Open Gym at 3pm. 4/5/6pm classes are ON.

  2. Nik

    For folks who offered to help – Thank you! The main thing we need to do is lift up the rubber mats and vacuum underneath them. We dont need tons of people, but 4-6 would be helpful. Bonus if you have a shop vac you can bring. 🙂 Text John or just show up around noon!

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