Daily WOD – Sep 17, 2022

Kyle working through reps on the box!

Workout of the Day

Teams of 3 complete for time:

  • Run 10k

One athlete running at a time.

Time cap: 40 minutes

WOD Notes: The 10k will be completed as 25x400m. 40 minutes is an aggressive time cap – team members will need to average a 1:36 pace (per 400m) to finish under the time cap. If that isn’t attainable for you, scale the distance to 250m. Keep in mind you’ll get a 1:2 work:rest ratio, so you should recover almost completely between intervals! Athletes who can’t run may bike, row or ski erg instead – choose something that will take between 1:15-1:30 per round.

Community Notes:  Happy birthday Ray Zab!


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