Daily WOD – Oct 27, 2020

Yuvika lining up a deadlift!

Workout of the Day

Deadlift 8×4 (70% 1RM)


Complete 3 rounds NFT:

  • 30 Jane Fondas (15R/15L)
  • 10 barbell glute bridges (40% 1RM deadlift)

WOD Notes:  It’s volume deadlift day! We’ll be lifting on a 2 minute clock which won’t allow for much rest. Pick a weight that is manageable through the first 4 sets and starts to become more difficult for the back 4 sets.

Nutrition Notes: Sugar 401. High glycemic carbs aren’t always bad. They can actually be beneficial for an athlete, when timed just before/during an intense workout. The resulting insulin spike will increase blood flow and the uptake of glucose into your muscles, and help with muscle repair, while suppressing the release of cortisol (a negative “stress” hormone). For athletes whose primary goal is muscle gain or rapid recovery, consuming 30-50 grams of high-glycemic carbs before the workout may help you reach your goals. You should also eat plenty of low-glycemic carbohydrates throughout your day, especially in the couple hours before your WOD, to ensure adequate glycogen stores. If you’d like to understand more, reading the book Nutrient Timing: The Future of Sport Nutrition is a wealth of information!

Coaching Note: We are excited to welcome Kelsey into our coaching intern program! For those who don’t know her, Kelsey came to us from Reno, Nevada, joining ICA full time in January. With a background in soccer and ski racing, she was first introduced to CrossFit almost 6 years ago as a way to stay in shape during the off season. Kelsey was also part of a barbell club for about a year, which exposed her more directly to Olympic lifting. Over the next few months, she’ll be shadowing classes and taking on increasing responsibity as she learns about the coaching side of CrossFit. We are excited to have her on board!

Community Notes: Happy Birthday Kevin and Nidhi!

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  1. Congratulations and welcome, Kelsey! I am really looking forward to your energy as a coach.

    1. Thanks so much, Dave! I’m super excited and really looking forward to learning more about coaching!

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