Daily WOD – Oct 26, 2021

Erik lining up to press out a bar!

Workout of the Day

On a 20 minute clock, complete:

Minutes 0-8:

  • Max shoulder presses (115/73#)

Every time you break a set, complete 50 double unders before starting another set.

Minutes 8-12:

  • Rest

Minutes 12-20:

  • Max hang power cleans (205/143#)

Every time you break a set, complete 30 air squats before starting another set.

WOD Notes:  Choose weights today that will let you get 10+ reps in the first set for each movement.  It is expected that there will be a significant drop off in subsequent sets!

Nutrition Notes:  We’re approaching the midway point of the challenge!  Ideally you should be starting to feel and see some changes both physically and mentally.  If the challenge is not progressing the way you had hoped, please reach out to us so we can help to make the necessary changes for the remaining time!

Community Notes:  Happy Birthday Jimbo!

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